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September 18, 2012

I am sure you would consider me part of your 47%.  Normally I let things like this go but I am having a hard time swallowing this.  This is for a number of reasons.  First being that I have always and still do work harder than you.  I was raised by a single mother.  Although poor, we never received government assistance. I have worked since I was 12.  Until I went to college I put all of my earnings in the pot to pay the mortgage.   I suppose I accepted government aid when I went to college on a Basic Educational Opportunity Grant, Thank You Richard Nixon.  I went to Law School on government loans, which I paid off when I was 50.

I built my own business because I believed I needed to use my Law Licence to help people and not just make money.  I have run that business for 25 years.  I have paid employees, worker’s comp insurance, unemployment insurance and withholding taxes.  I volunteer over 20 hours a month.  I provide low-income people legal services.

Governor one to one you would have nothing on me, yet I have more respect for you than you do of me.  There I feel better.

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