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March 1, 2013

The other day I flew to Chicago, rented a car, drove to Chesterton Indiana all to attend the burial of my Aunt Nita. I have always been someone who does these things. The rule of Reverend Cox handed down through my mother – ” You don’t regret the things you do half as much as those you don’t” I always felt was divine truth. I have a long list of magic created because I bothered to show up. Like hearing Doris tell me the story of her Dad’s death and how she guided him to the light. A story I would not have heard if I hadn’t gotten up at 5 and drove through a snow storm 3 hours to Chisholm.

But I was still second guessing a little last Friday, we had plans for the weekend, I would need to leave super early Monday morning, I hadn’t seen some of these family members in over 30 years. The nagging “oh maybe it’s too much trouble”s were coming to visit. Then I looked on Facebook to read a story posted by a friend about the “Elephant Whisperer” who worked tirelessly to save Elephants in South Africa. Two days after his death 35 elephants showed up at his house. They stayed for two days and then left. I was reminded of the importance of showing up. The honoring the dead by your presence by your testament. There is something divine something life giving.

So I got up at 4:00 a.m. drove to the airport, to discover my flight was delayed two hours. I got to Chicago rented a car and drove out to Chesterton. I was a little early so I drove to the Lake.

That was enough for me.

At the grave site I greeted my cousins (a term used loosely in my family. They were second cousins once removed and my Aunt Nita was my father’s cousin in law). I stood waiting for the service. The funeral director was asking everyone if they had signed the book. The couple in front of me both asked the other “did you sign the book”. Did you sign the book? Isn’t that the big question in life? Did you sign the book? In other words… Did you show up?

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