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November 24, 2013

I pride myself in doing a lot of free legal work for people who need it.  I can get quite arrogant about it actually.  I have one client who I met at Homeless Connect.  I gave him my card just in case the documents we drafted were not enough.  I was very proud of that.  I probably even said “nobody else would do this”.  Then when it got really complicated and I still did the legal work and felt even more proud of myself and bragged.  But then he became like other client’s, he began to complain.  Complain about the Judge, about the process and about how long it took.  And then I started to complain, but still being proud of myself that I was doing this case for free.  Then it came to me, real generosity is not easy its not clean.  If its not an inconvenience its not real.  Then the story of Jesus made sense to me.  And I thought that when Christianity isn’t morphed into an excuse to Judge others its a pretty powerful story.  So next time I get all full of myself I hope I remember a couple of things.  One of them being “don’t let the right hand know what the left hand is doing”.  Then I will try to contemplate the deeper meanings of the faith path I have chosen. 

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