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February 21, 2014

On my way to St. Paul, I took University Avenue and passed all of the shops near Dale.  Out in front of one of them was a small Hmong man with a giant machete clearing the path from his shop to the street by chopping at the snow bank.  I was reminded again that without diversity in our lives we are far from the divine.  Just as those of the Jewish faith believe you should not write the word God because God is beyond our imagination I have a hard time conceiving of a true picture of the divine.  The best that I can do is think of it as multi colored piece of woven fabric.  The kind that by its contrast of color becomes more beautiful and majestic than single threads alone would be.  If one looks at humanity as the weave of God you can see how our contrasts magnify our individual beauty.  When someone expresses their intolerance for one group of people or another I think how sad it is that they have chosen to not see the immense beauty of the divine.  Why would someone chose to ignore the full picture of creation?

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