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August 4, 2014

I was at the Powderhorn Park Art Fair this weekend selling my jewelry. On Saturday a woman came to reintroduce herself to me. She is the mother of an ex-client of mine, Susan. Susan became my client because three years ago at the same fair I shared a tent with her sister Gail. When I told Gail I was a lawyer she told me that her sister was trying to get a divorce but couldn’t do it herself. So I offered to meet with her for free and coach her to do it herself. Eventually I had to represent her because her ex would not cooperate. So back to the present… Gail and Susan’s mother chatted with me and told me her daughters were doing well. She bought some earrings. She left the tent and walked a fair piece away and then turned around and came back to me in the tent. She then said “I believe that you were meant to share the tent with Gail so you could save Susan. Thank You”. And I said “I do too and it was my pleasure”.

Those things happen to me every once in a while. I call them “Its a Wonderful Life” moments. It’s as if Clarence comes to me and gives me a peak into what good I have done and how little things that didn’t seem important were actually important.

When I was telling this story to my family I mentioned that for a super power I would like to be able to see all of the ways that little things that people did turned into powerful things. They looked at me as if I had lost my mind. I then said “Oh I guess that would make me God. Maybe that would not be such a good idea.” “You think”

So its nice to get to see some of them once and a while.

Thanks Clarence.

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