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August 14, 2014

We are selling our house, which requires that I have had to get rid of lots and lots of stuff. It was much harder than it should have been because my mom convinced me that all of this stuff at least the stuff her mother collected is what kept us from being white trash. Which wasn’t helped by the fact that the house burned down when I was fourteen. So I purged and purged threw away my grandmother’s Kitchen Aid mixer, her curtains my Aunt’s pink chair.(all of these things were broken) I did good. Today I stood in the middle of the family room holding a grungy piece of plastic which I couldn’t throw out. Why this grungy piece of orange plastic? Because it was part of a plant holder my father made me. He picked this piece of plastic because it was a water picture from one of his trips to the hospital and he thought using it in this fancy beautiful wooden piece of furniture was funny.
So I couldn’t throw this thing away because I was afraid I would forget the joke. But I threw it away and wrote this piece so I wouldn’t forget the joke. The garbage is still in the kitchen so I may still keep it. We’ll see. I don’t want to forget the joke.

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