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November 3, 2014

I have been meaning to go to a Minneapolis Sing for months. Even though this is so my thing I have always had an excuse. But today I knew I had to go. It may have been because it was “All Souls Day” or because it was held in the beautiful chapel at Lakewood Cemetery. Whatever the reason there was no doubt that I was going. I got there met my friend Pam and others. We went in, sat down and an older woman came and asked if she could sit next to me. I said of course and within a few words she said to me: “I just lost my husband”. I told her I would help her cry and I held her when she couldn’t sing through one of the love songs. During the naming song she whispered to me “is this when I say his name?” She said it, not loud enough for me to remember it but she said it. When we parted she thanked me and said she was so glad she came. Pam said to me “you know this is Minnesota, no one else would have held her.” I said “you would”.

The invitations are so clear in hindsight, when you experience what the invite was for. Now keep in mind the sing was glorious full of divine light, but that’s not why I was invited. Her name is Janet and for some reason she kept calling me Joanne.


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