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November 10, 2014


“BE NOT AFRAID”  that is my new favorite scripture.  I love scripture because it is actually quite easy to determine what is the word of God and what is the word of man.  Because the word of man comes out of fear and you can see it.  BE NOT AFRAID.  That will be my theme as I move forward trying to make a difference.  This last election was about the Democrats being afraid.  They decided to manipulate the electorate instead of telling the truth and leading it.  BE NOT AFRAID.  Mark Dayton four years ago in another election where the Democrats went running for the hills stood up, contrary to all of the advice of the focus groups and said: “TAX THE RICH”.  He won when almost every other Democrat lost.  And this year he did it again and so did Al Franken.  And what happened.  They won and won big.  “BE NOT AFRAID.”

Mayor Betsy Hodges chose to speak at the recent rally against the NFL.  It was the right thing to do and something maybe other mayors of Democratic cities would do but then she said something that other Democratic mayors would be afraid to say.  “It’s more than an insult its hate” ” BE NOT AFRAID”.  Her quote in Time Magazine, that simple statement of truth will propel justice.  And two weeks ago she went door knocking with a young African American man who had been convicted of a felony but who is now working to empower the North-Side of Minneapolis.  “BE NOT AFRAID”.  And when KSTP TV at the behest of the Police Federation ran a story claiming she was flashing gang signs with this young man she did not distance herself or defend herself she simply stated the truth, that welcoming people back into the community is good for the community.  “BE NOT AFRAID”.  And as a result the hurtful debilitating racism that has plagued the north side was displayed for the whole country to see #pointergate. “BE NOT AFRAID”.

That’s all we have to do:  Tell the truth and “BE NOT AFRAID”.

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