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December 5, 2014

Some art fairs I go to to sell jewelry and others, not so much.  The one at Anwatin School in North Minneapolis I go to because I love my sister-in-law Collette.  She teaches there and organizes the fair.  It’s in the middle of the week in the middle of winter.  I am always tired and crabby.  It was no different tonight.  I went, got there late, forgot about the rules of gravity and dumped my bead bowl in the parking lot.  But it was pleasant.  I was pleased to have a young woman admire this great big wild colorful necklace that people kind of marvel and laugh at, but she saw its beauty.  I sold a couple of things and got ready to leave.  As I was leaving that young woman stopped me and said, maybe if you come next year I could by that necklace.  She really loved it.  So I said “I want you to promise me something.  Promise me that you will do ten things before Christmas for someone else.  And they have to be hard.  Will you promise me that.”  She responded yes.  I said, “what’s your name honey?”  Shalondra she responded.  I handed her the necklace.  She was truly moved.  Sometimes I go to fairs to sell jewelry.  Other times I go to receive blessings.

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