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August 22, 2015

Black Lives Matters announced that they will be disrupting the Minnesota State Fair. i can already hear some of my white progressive friends talking about appropriate tactics and targets.  How SNCC only targeted those who perpetuated Jim Crow.  That we should be targeting those who are perpetrating police violence against black people.  The families going to the Fair aren’t perpetrating police violence against black people.   WELL, yes they are.  The target of all of these protests is WHITE PRIVILEGE.  That is what perpetrates police violence against black people.  What?  you still don’t get what that has to do with the Fair.  Let me lay it out to you.  Every time I read about another black person being killed by a cop I get heartsick.  I get that deep horrible grief in my gut.  And then I scroll down or refresh so I don’t let it paralyze me or keep me from sleeping.  And I can do that BECAUSE I do not have to worry about my children being shot for not putting on their turn single.   BECAUSE I’M WHITE IT DOESN’T CONSUME ME.  I DON’T HAVE TO WORK TO FIX IT IN ORDER TO SAVE MY KIDS’ LIVES.  I CAN JUST SCROLL DOWN AND GO TO THE FAIR.

So I intend to go to the fair this year as if I had to worry about the police killing my children every time they leave the house.  i will go with Black Lives Matter.

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