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It’s Good Friday, I was driving to work with just the right amount of cash which I needed to buy croissants for the office (they only take cash).  I pull up to the light at the Dale exit off of 94 and there is an older man standing with a sign that says “survived a stroke”.  I pulled up, figured I could spare a dollar, handed it to him, he said thank you and walked away.  Then it started, “it’s Good Friday”.  “You can get less croissants”, and then “HE NEEDS TO EAT”.  So I called him back and handed him a ten.  He grabs my hand and says, “thank you I will use this to eat” “My name is Daniel David” “Two names from the bible” “Two kings”.  He tells me how he survived two strokes and did so with such joy.  I said “and your still here and you can still talk”  Yes he says, “bless you”.


Some art fairs I go to to sell jewelry and others, not so much.  The one at Anwatin School in North Minneapolis I go to because I love my sister-in-law Collette.  She teaches there and organizes the fair.  It’s in the middle of the week in the middle of winter.  I am always tired and crabby.  It was no different tonight.  I went, got there late, forgot about the rules of gravity and dumped my bead bowl in the parking lot.  But it was pleasant.  I was pleased to have a young woman admire this great big wild colorful necklace that people kind of marvel and laugh at, but she saw its beauty.  I sold a couple of things and got ready to leave.  As I was leaving that young woman stopped me and said, maybe if you come next year I could by that necklace.  She really loved it.  So I said “I want you to promise me something.  Promise me that you will do ten things before Christmas for someone else.  And they have to be hard.  Will you promise me that.”  She responded yes.  I said, “what’s your name honey?”  Shalondra she responded.  I handed her the necklace.  She was truly moved.  Sometimes I go to fairs to sell jewelry.  Other times I go to receive blessings.



“BE NOT AFRAID”  that is my new favorite scripture.  I love scripture because it is actually quite easy to determine what is the word of God and what is the word of man.  Because the word of man comes out of fear and you can see it.  BE NOT AFRAID.  That will be my theme as I move forward trying to make a difference.  This last election was about the Democrats being afraid.  They decided to manipulate the electorate instead of telling the truth and leading it.  BE NOT AFRAID.  Mark Dayton four years ago in another election where the Democrats went running for the hills stood up, contrary to all of the advice of the focus groups and said: “TAX THE RICH”.  He won when almost every other Democrat lost.  And this year he did it again and so did Al Franken.  And what happened.  They won and won big.  “BE NOT AFRAID.”

Mayor Betsy Hodges chose to speak at the recent rally against the NFL.  It was the right thing to do and something maybe other mayors of Democratic cities would do but then she said something that other Democratic mayors would be afraid to say.  “It’s more than an insult its hate” ” BE NOT AFRAID”.  Her quote in Time Magazine, that simple statement of truth will propel justice.  And two weeks ago she went door knocking with a young African American man who had been convicted of a felony but who is now working to empower the North-Side of Minneapolis.  “BE NOT AFRAID”.  And when KSTP TV at the behest of the Police Federation ran a story claiming she was flashing gang signs with this young man she did not distance herself or defend herself she simply stated the truth, that welcoming people back into the community is good for the community.  “BE NOT AFRAID”.  And as a result the hurtful debilitating racism that has plagued the north side was displayed for the whole country to see #pointergate. “BE NOT AFRAID”.

That’s all we have to do:  Tell the truth and “BE NOT AFRAID”.


I have been meaning to go to a Minneapolis Sing for months. Even though this is so my thing I have always had an excuse. But today I knew I had to go. It may have been because it was “All Souls Day” or because it was held in the beautiful chapel at Lakewood Cemetery. Whatever the reason there was no doubt that I was going. I got there met my friend Pam and others. We went in, sat down and an older woman came and asked if she could sit next to me. I said of course and within a few words she said to me: “I just lost my husband”. I told her I would help her cry and I held her when she couldn’t sing through one of the love songs. During the naming song she whispered to me “is this when I say his name?” She said it, not loud enough for me to remember it but she said it. When we parted she thanked me and said she was so glad she came. Pam said to me “you know this is Minnesota, no one else would have held her.” I said “you would”.

The invitations are so clear in hindsight, when you experience what the invite was for. Now keep in mind the sing was glorious full of divine light, but that’s not why I was invited. Her name is Janet and for some reason she kept calling me Joanne.



We are selling our house, which requires that I have had to get rid of lots and lots of stuff. It was much harder than it should have been because my mom convinced me that all of this stuff at least the stuff her mother collected is what kept us from being white trash. Which wasn’t helped by the fact that the house burned down when I was fourteen. So I purged and purged threw away my grandmother’s Kitchen Aid mixer, her curtains my Aunt’s pink chair.(all of these things were broken) I did good. Today I stood in the middle of the family room holding a grungy piece of plastic which I couldn’t throw out. Why this grungy piece of orange plastic? Because it was part of a plant holder my father made me. He picked this piece of plastic because it was a water picture from one of his trips to the hospital and he thought using it in this fancy beautiful wooden piece of furniture was funny.
So I couldn’t throw this thing away because I was afraid I would forget the joke. But I threw it away and wrote this piece so I wouldn’t forget the joke. The garbage is still in the kitchen so I may still keep it. We’ll see. I don’t want to forget the joke.


I was at the Powderhorn Park Art Fair this weekend selling my jewelry. On Saturday a woman came to reintroduce herself to me. She is the mother of an ex-client of mine, Susan. Susan became my client because three years ago at the same fair I shared a tent with her sister Gail. When I told Gail I was a lawyer she told me that her sister was trying to get a divorce but couldn’t do it herself. So I offered to meet with her for free and coach her to do it herself. Eventually I had to represent her because her ex would not cooperate. So back to the present… Gail and Susan’s mother chatted with me and told me her daughters were doing well. She bought some earrings. She left the tent and walked a fair piece away and then turned around and came back to me in the tent. She then said “I believe that you were meant to share the tent with Gail so you could save Susan. Thank You”. And I said “I do too and it was my pleasure”.

Those things happen to me every once in a while. I call them “Its a Wonderful Life” moments. It’s as if Clarence comes to me and gives me a peak into what good I have done and how little things that didn’t seem important were actually important.

When I was telling this story to my family I mentioned that for a super power I would like to be able to see all of the ways that little things that people did turned into powerful things. They looked at me as if I had lost my mind. I then said “Oh I guess that would make me God. Maybe that would not be such a good idea.” “You think”

So its nice to get to see some of them once and a while.

Thanks Clarence.



God of Redemption;

Of the light that defeats the darkness.

Remind us that that gift is not just for our own personal use.

It is to spread divine love, divine forgiveness and divine healing.

Let us remember that our work for peace and justice is what delivers that gift to us.